Weight Loss

Sleeve Gastrectomy

  • No intestines bypass
  • Fewer food restrictions
  • Natural Digestion

Beverly Oaks Surgery weight loss surgery los angeles uses today's most advanced surgical equipment and techniques so that your procedure can be faster, less invasive, and more comfortable with less downtime.  Our facility is available to anyone needing just about any type of surgical procedure. Our surgical specialties include bariatric, gynecology, cosmetic, urology, orthopedics, podiatry, neurology and more.

Beverly Oaks Surgery offers weight loss surgical procedures so that you can stop putting your health and life at risk and start enjoying an active, dynamic lifestyle.

We are pleased to offer patient financing on all of our procedures because even though affording a procedure can sometimes be difficult, nothing should get in the way of you changing your life. Schedule your free initial consultation online or give Beverly Oaks Surgery a call today. Take advantage of the opportunity to speak with a doctor and have all of your questions answered.